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Green Energy Eco System

We introduce Wattency.com as a new age fractional ownership Platform, that enables Renewable Energy Project investments in a structured framework to reap huge potential of high ROI's for retail investors.

As we are all aware of high return on investment opportunities in Renewable energy sector, but alongside are the tricky agreements, lack of visibility and Hugh capital requirements, which keeps individual investors away from a high growth potential investment opportunities.

We have designed a technology enabled solution to mitigate all these problems for making investors life simple.

Wattency brings a simple, easy to understand, green energy generation unit to a fraction of watt, which you can buy/sell/invest in form of a digital coin and can be traded on secondary market through our Exchange platform.

The power sale revenues are distributed in form of monthly dividends @ 11.5% to 18% per annum and credited to respective coin accounts by block chain backed smart contracts.

We also bring in a big promise of any time liquidity and 100% risk underwriting for investors. Besides being investor friendly, we have curated a complete eco-system which provides 100% visibility, from proposal to execution and installation of a green energy generation unit with the help of smart dashboards to all the stake holders.

Not limited to just setting up, we maintain, manage, and operate these assets for the entire life cycle, assuring optimum outputs.

Wattency is a full stack solution for all the three user sets, Power consumers, EPC, I&C MRO companies and investors. Right from generating a qualified power consumer request, to creating a RFP for EPC companies and raising an opportunity for the investors, all can happen seamlessly on our smart technology suite.

For complete visibility and actionable, interactive dashboards are provided to all the users.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve 15 MW target in our first year of operation.

Our Vision

We at Wattency sincerely believe in giving back to mother Earth by building sustainable models using technology and Innovation to the optimum. Clean & green Earth is our first approach.


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